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Guides approved by Southern Tourist Board pass a rigourous examination about all aspects of UK life and history J M W Turners view of Christchurch and the Meadow Guides approved by the Oxford Tourist Board have passed a rigourous examination on all aspects of Oxford
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Oxford Walking Tours

with a qualified Southern Tourist Board Blue Badge and Oxford City Guide -  Guillemette Cox

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If you are visiting Oxford why not organize a guided walking tour to see Oxford's sights and get the most from its rich past and present; the colleges and buildings of the University are not just beautiful historic monuments but living buildings still serving the purpose for which they were built up to 800 years ago. Oxford has always and still plays a central role in the political and cultural life of the UK. Learn about the architecture, lifestyle and history of this fascinating city at your own pace in a tour tailored to your needs and interests. New College cloister, begun in 1390, retains its original timber roof.
The first college "University College" was founded in 1249 About your guide.
 Oxford Town is much older than the University tracing its history back to the Anglo-Saxon period. Booking details and
Maps showing sites and access
The Oxford Walking Tour offers insights into the City, its history and attractions at a leisurely, personal pace.  A personal selection of some of the city's attractions.
Ceiling above stairs leading to Christchurch dining hall 1640


Almost anything you may want to know about Oxford can be found from the excellent University web site (Gown), the Oxford city site (Town) or Daily Information.
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